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A few thoughts from our satisfied families...

"My son started at Loving Hands after spending 2 years at another preschool. He turned 5 in July and we felt 1 more year of preschool would be good for him. He has learned so much since starting at Loving Hands. Switching him here was one of the best things we have ever done. They taught him how to write, he has been learning sightwords, they are really preparing him for Kindergaten. I would recommend Loving Hands to anyone who is looking for a preschool that is both educational and fun!"

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Loving Hands Preschool! My son loves his teachers and always has a great time at school. The love and trust we have for Loving Hands is something I have always wanted for my kids."  - Alicia Sobieski

"Loving Hands has been so great for our daughter.  The teachers are experienced and so kind!  The projects they do are so creative and age appropriate.  As a teacher myself, I am so impressed with their time management- so much is accomplished in a short period of time!  Loving Hands has exceeded my expectations!"     -Erika

"We have a very attached son.  I was very nervous about preschool.  He loves it (to my surprise)!  He has said he has fun, has lots of friends and his teachers are very nice."     -Midge

"My daughter enjoys the classrooms, teachers and students, and comes home to play preschool and act out her day there.  Loving Hands has made her learning an enjoyable experience."      -Deb

"Thanks to everyone at Loving Hands, our child loves school!  He is thrilled to go every day and is enthusiastic about learning- something we were once concerned about.  The teachers and staff are encouraging and warm to all students.  I know our son is building an educational foundation to last!"     -Amie & Nick 

"Cole loves school.  He wants to go back every day.  He has made lots of friends and he couldn't ask for better teachers."     -Ashlee 

 "Over the past eight years, we have had three children attend Loving Hands.  It has been our privilege to witness the growing and changing of the program.  As a mother and an educator I could not be more happy with the preschool education and experience my children have obtained.  The director, Miss Shannon, the teachers, Miss Jenny, Miss Joyce, Miss Ang and Miss Robin have all contributed to a very solid  foundation of schooling for our children.  From the classroom activities to the enrichment program, to the muscle room and being greeted each morning. We will always treasure these past eight years with Loving Hands. Thank You!"      -Justin & Dawn

"Over the past two years we have had two kids at Loving Hands and couldn't be happier.  The teachers are so wonderful.  I really feel our kids are prepared socially and academically for kindergarten.  We look forward to when our two youngest can go to Loving Hands."     -The Belaney Family 

"I had an immediate warm and welcoming feeling with Loving Hands Preschool.  My daughter loves it here and she has made lots of friends.  I've seen such an amazing growth in her academically.  The director and teachers knew us very quickly.  I've met some wonderful parents.  It feels like an extended family." 

"Great school- we love Miss Ang and Miss Robin.  Such a sweet, supporting group of people working with our little ones.  I appreciate the love and attention for sure! "     -Cyndi 

"I wanted to say that my experience at Loving Hands has been outstanding!  I couldn't ask for a better teacher than Miss Carly and Miss Kate.  They have been wonderful!  The staff has been amazing.  The school is always so nice, clean and the education they receive is phenomenal.  I am so happy my daughter attends this school, it's been the best experience I could ask for.  Thank you Loving Hands!!"   p.s. the artwork in the hall that the kids do always makes me smile.  I love looking at it!      -Rachelle

"Loving Hands has been a wonderful blessing for my little Zachary.  He is learning so much and really coming out of his shell.  His teachers are wonderful!!!  I highly recommend Loving Hands!"     -Christy

"My daughter's preschool experience has been very positive.  She is making great strides socially, emotionally and academically.  The teachers are great!  Loving Hands Preschool is a great foundation for kindergarten and the children have the opportunity to learn through play."

"We are very happy with our child's experience.  Everyone is very kind and helpful.  We feel our child is learning a lot in a caring environment."     -Lisa